At Science Direct a survey has been taken on how Red affects the way men see women.  This article gives details of how the survey was performed and the feedback.  It’s main theme was that when women have Red products or are wearing Red they are more attractive to the male eye.  This does not mean healthy or good looking it just means that they felt more attracted.

Many on-line dating and matching sites state that women wearing Red receive more views that women wearing any other colour.  It seems to me that the colour Red triggers a base mechanism in our physical body where Red stimulates our sexual desires.  Red also denotes strength and power both very attractive qualities in men and women.  Women are also attracted to younger men in Red.

We know that Red increases the blood pressure, heart rate and makes the blood flow quicker around our bodies so just by seeing this colour it is having a stimulus affect on our body naturally.  Red also deals with the base chakra (the energy point at the base of our body) keeping us grounded but stimulating the energies that arouse sexual desires.  It’s no wonder that Red and Black are a powerful combination in the lingerie department!

So if you are looking to attract someone into your world then carry a Red handbag, wear a Red jumper or even a Red scarf, take a selfie and see how they respond!