Clerkenwell Design Week, Colour Workshops – May 2018

I was asked by Jackie at Haworth and Cappellini to come and run workshops for the day during Clerkenwell Design Week.  They are based in St John’s Street, at the centre of the action and their showroom was open for anyone to come and visit.  Their range of office and working furniture is amazing.  The designs are practical and innovative with both statement pieces and workspace modules with interesting colours and textures.

The workshops ran for 45 minutes to 1 hour and we talked about how our own colour personalities are affected by the colours around us especially in the workspace.  It seems that everyone really enjoyed their time with me as they have asked for more, but also found the colour information valuable and practical.  It is so good to spread the words of ‘Colour Wellbeing’ amongst our designers and those people that are creating our spaces where we live and work.