Colour Books

We have two books at present about Colour and Colour Personalities.  You can purchase these on-line and we will send them out to you directly.  Everyday Colour has been written exclusively by Alison Standish and covers all aspects of Colour Therapy.  Know your Colour Personality has been written by Alison Standish and Theresa Sundt as they both share over 30 years experience in Colour Therapy.

Both books are £10.00 each and there is a delivery charge of £1.50

Everyday Colour

Colour is everywhere, we see it, we eat it, we wear it and we even breathe it but do we know how to harness its powerful vibration to support us in our daily lives?

In Everyday Colour you will get to know the psychological and healing effects of nine specific colours with practical ways of introducing these colours into your world.

The colour referenced chapters make it easy for you to ‘dip in and dip out’ for information about each colour and they also include:

  • A brief history of the colour from early caveman through its cultural use today
  • Colour biology and how we view specific colours
  • Colour printing versus colour in technology
  • Simple and practical techniques to support healing with specific colours
  • Colours that can positively enhance your environment and where to apply them
  • Your Colour Personality and how relationships can benefit by knowing an individual’s colours
  • The basic science of colour and the work of key colour scientists and gurus
  • Colour Therapy and our ‘auric energy’ fields
  • Physical and Emotional responses to specific colours
  • What happens when you wear a specific colour
  • Business colours, sales, marketing and how to enhance your branding by using specific colours
  • Complimentary Colours that can be used to balance the ‘over use’ of a certain colour

For further information on our courses, please see our Training Section or if you would like a reading then call us on 01903 891492 or email us at

Know your Colour Personality

To provide as much information as possible in this book, we created nine subdivisions in each colour personality chapter. We start with the colour personality’s ‘General traits’, then ‘Tricky traits’, which alert about the weaker side of the personality. These are followed by ‘Health and well-being’, ‘In the bedroom’, ‘In the family’, ‘At work’, ‘How best to handle the personality’, ‘Helpful hints for when things get tough’ and ‘Personality affirmation’ (on how to strengthen the core of each colour personality).

When the weaker side of our personality takes over, sabotaging our peace and well-being, we need to consider our essence, which is our ideal state of being, and try to resonate with it. An archetypal illustration for each colour supports the colour personality’s affirmation

In this new version, we have added a second part of the book which focuses on our additional three colours in our overall Colour Chart.  There is a unique colour for the day, month and year of birth.  These are either known as ‘supportive’ colours or ‘journey’ colours as they are relating to childhood behaviour, day to day skills and life aspirations.

Along with the core Colour Personality, which is the most dominant part of our Colour Chart, interpreting and consciously applying the qualities of our days, month’s and year’s colours, will guide even deeper on how to become the best version of ourselves

We radiate our personality’s colours and we are constantly interacting with other people’s colours, which delight or mystify us.  Colour with its own distinct language gives a fascinating and insightful view of not just our personal life journeys but that of family, friends and colleagues.  For a full reading please contact us on 01903 891492 or