Glorious Gold

Everyone is asking the question, why are we losing so many celebrities this year?

How come 2016 deaths are so high in this particular sector of life?

We might not have the solution but we can you give an alternative look at why in 2016 this may be happing.

Well, for starters the number of the year is a 9 when you add together 2+0+1+6.  In the colour word this relates to the colour Gold.

Gold qualities include completion, a year of completing unfinished business, tying up loose ends and crossing the ‘I’s and dotting the ‘t’s. Significant transformations are likely this year, breaking free from the past and taking the time to heal.

This may be the reason that we have lost so many significant individuals, there work here on planet earth in now done and they will be either singing or entertaining a new crowd and experiencing new journeys.

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