Orgasmic Orange – The Colour of 2018

After quite a tough Red year in 2017 where we are all settling with new beginnings and quite a change in the world political arena, we welcome in Orange.  2017 year has been a little unsettling for many but now in 2018 we start to be able to feel that we are ready to create new opportunities for business and pleasure.  The key aspects for Orange are as follows:-

  • A year for ‘letting go’ of anything that is not necessary in our lives
  • Joy, fun and frolics will be high on the agenda – orange rules dance and music
  • A more feminine energy to the year as Orange is emotional and high spirited
  • If you want to travel to far away places, this is the year to do it as Orange rules travel

Have fun this year but watch out for a little drama as the emotions will be high.  For further information on the colour and also how you relate to this colour e-mail us at or call us on 01903 891492.

Orgasmic Orange 2018

2018 Orgasmic Orange

Radiant Red 2017

2017 Radiant Red

Glorious Gold 2016

2016 Glorious Gold