2017 will be a very different tone to 2016 as we will be welcoming in the vibration of the colour Red.  Primal and supportive, this colour deals with the basics of life.  New beginnings are on the horizon.  A chance to look at physical wellbeing.  A start to a new nine year cycle where life will be very different in 2025 when the cycle ends.

Look at the changes already:

  • Brexit and what that will mean for the UK
  • A new American president with very different values and outlook for the USA
  • A fundamental change in the way we do things
  • Opportunities for new technologies, ideas and creativity

It will be all ‘steam-ahead’ so don’t allow the pace to get you down.  Balance this energy with Green and Blue to allow for stillness and calm.  For further information please e-mail ask@www.thecolourministry.co.uk