Colour Experience Day

Workshop Objectives:

  • To understand the basics of light and colour therapy in relation to health and wellbeing.
  • Taster of how colour affects all areas of our lives on a day to day basis
  • Gives a basic understanding of how to calculate your colour personality and what impact this can have on your daily life

This 1 day workshop includes an overview of how light and colour work in an everyday environment.  It introduces the qualities of light and colour and gives a general understanding of how these dynamics work in our daily lives.  The subjects that are covered are as follows:


  • What is colour and how does it work?
  • History of Colour Therapy and how it is used in everyday life 
  • The Colour Spectrum
  • Getting to know the colours of our 9 colour system
  • How complimentary colours can help to balance us
  • Our physical and emotional responses to colour
  • Chakra healing system and the nine colour process from original colour therapy
  • What is a colour personality?
  • How to calculate colours and find out their traits and behaviours
  • How knowing our colour can benefit us
  • Getting to know your families colours

Course Dates

Wednesday 24th October  / .Saturday 3rd November 18
Wednesday 28th November 18 . / . Wednesday 16th January 19

Course Price

£95.00 pp

Colour Experience Workshop

Colour Experience Workshop

Colour Personality Workshop

Colour Personalities Workshop

Diploma in Colour Therapy

Diploma in Colour Therapy