Colour Personalities Course

Workshop Objectives:

  • To learn a unique technique in using colour as a means of interpreting personalty traits and behaviours in relationships

  • Gaining insightful knowledge using colour tests on how your clients perceive their work life balance

  • Understand the connection for business and personal relationships using the medium of colour

This 2 day workshop includes an understanding of the 9 colour system in relation to Colour Personalities.  You will also learn how to calculate the colour personality from the date of birth and learn about their unique traits.  On the second day you will use the Colour Chart to plot relationships especially family relationship and how to interpret them.  A great tool for coaches and individuals who support other people in their careers or just to gain a better understanding of family dynamics.


  • Overview of light and colour in relation to the mind

  • Using colouring and drawing techniques to self analyse and apply to coaching techniques

  • How to calculate your main colour personality and understand the basic personality traits

  • What do the colours mean and how to interpret them with regard to the personality

  • Looking at the journey colours (day, month and year) to give a greater insight into kills

  • Looking at complimentary colours and how they are used within readings

  • Using the colour chart for linking relationships and personality colours

  • Analysing past-life connections and looking for areas of healing and understanding

  • Applying colour in the environment to support change and bring harmony

  • Designing and selling readings in your business

  • Written versus oral readings and how to get the best out of both techniques

Course Dates

Day 1:  25th October 18 –  Day 2:  7th November 18
Day 1: 18th January 19  – Day 2:  1st February 19

Course Price

£195.00 pp

Colour Experience Workshop

Colour Experience Workshop

Colour Personality Workshop

Colour Personalities Workshop

Diploma in Colour Therapy

Diploma in Colour Therapy