Diploma in Holistic Light and Colour Therapy

Course Objectives:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of Colour Therapy and how to use colour effectively on a day to day basis

  • To become a insured practitioner in holistic light and colour therapy to carry out treatments

  • To support existing therapies with additional information regarding Colour Therapy

  • To develop and enhance your interest in colour and light from a holistic perspective

  • To build a ‘colour’ business by becoming a Colour Ministry licensed trainer with additional certification

The Diploma is a total of 8 days run in 2 day slots so a total of 4 months worth of training.  This course is designed for existing therapists or individuals working in the complimentary health industry.  It is also a great course for individuals that have a deep interest in complimentary therapy and have already been training in healing techniques or are coaches, hypnotherapists or individuals working in any field connected to this type of industry.

Course Dates

Module A Weekend:  20th and 21st October 18
Module B Weekend:  10th and 11th November 18
Module C Weekend:  24th and 25th November 18
Module D Weekend: 8th and 9th December 18

Course Price

£1,200.00 pp

£2,400.00 (with equipment) pp

Colour Experience Workshop

Colour Experience Workshop

Colour Personality Workshop

Colour Personalities Workshop

Diploma in Colour Therapy

Diploma in Colour Therapy