Bioptron Lamps

A new wave of health care is taking place this decade, a mixture of ancient holistic light and colour treatments, and modern scientific techniques.

Bioptron has applied the ancient and modern together, allowing them to develop a range of light therapy equipment. These products enhance the natural ability of our systems to heal and prevent the development of disease in a wide variety of medical indications.

We are aware that light is part of our own natural biological system, necessary for the proper functioning of our metabolism and immune system. Like all living things, without light we would not exist. Light therapy has been around for many years, as early as 1400BC, known then as Heliotherapy using plants and their exposure to sunlight to cure skin disease. Colour Therapy is an ancient technique used holistically to balance and enhance our main energy centres. It affects the mind, body and spirit and its subtle energy can help deal with emotional and physical imbalances of our systems.

Based on research starting in the 1980′s, BIOPTRON have created some amazing products using polarised polychromatic light.

On the Pro 1 and also the Compact III models, coloured lens accessories fit comfortably to the lamp to filter the wavelength for the associated colours.

At The Colour Ministry, we practise and teach colour therapy in combination with the BIOPTRON lamps in individual workshops, courses or as part of our Colour Therapy Diploma in Holistic Light and Colour Therapy. These courses are approved by BIOPTRON and The Colour Ministry is a Certified BIOPTRON reseller.

We have many articles and details of how the BIOPTRON has been successfully used throughout the world and also information on developments with light therapy from the International Association of Light Therapy, a world renowned organisation who have many of today’s pioneers as members and associates.

We are very happy to demonstrate these amazing products and give you further information on how the products can be used on a day to day basis. We hold open days and evenings and also exhibit them at shows that we attend. Keep an eye on our page for future dates and events.

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