Colour Therapy is a totally holistic and non-invasive tool which can be used to create natural well-being along with assisting in the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

At The Colour Ministry we have updated this ancient art of healing by integrating the latest understanding of how our mind, body and spirit functions to create tools and techniques that can help with a multitude of dis-ease.  Colour Therapy has been used for many years since the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans, American Indians to name just a few as a tool to help with disease and illnesses.  Back then there were no drugs, antidotes were created with plants and crystals using light as a part of the process.

Today, we use light therapy with specially designed lights that give the body the additional ability to fight disease.  Light does not ‘cure’ the conditions but it helps the body fight these conditions more effectively.  When we break down the light into the colours then we are able to use the colours on the body to support the healing and releasing of emotional, mental and spiritual blocks.

For example Red can be used to increase the circulation, increase the heart rate and Green can do the opposite, reduce heart rate and blood pressure.  If we think about this, our environment was created just for this, when we need to ‘warm up’ we require fire which is red and orange and when we need to calm down and breath then we may head to the countryside to surround ourselves with green.  We already have all the colours we need around us each day, we just sometimes don’t recognise what they do for us.

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