“I just wanted to thank you for sending me on a copy of your book. I am enjoying reading through it and the family are all also enjoying checking out their colour personalities. Some scary similarities. Thank you”  –  Carolyn in Surrey


“I spoke to Alison earlier today and had a very interesting chat i was very amazed with the whole idea of colours and what impact they can have on a person in many regards, its made me very interested in researching on this much more, Many Thanks” – Afzal

Why Colour?

Colour is everywhere, we see it, we eat it, we wear it and we even breathe it but do we know how to harness its powerful vibration to support us in our daily lives?  At the Colour Ministry, we offer practical and technical information to help you to get to know the psychological and healing effects of how to introduce colour into our everyday world.

We combine the ancient wisdom of Colour Therapy along with modern day technological developments in this field, to create a unique range of treatments, workshops and certified courses.  Our centre in West Sussex, offers a safe and healing environment for treatments and training but we also offer on-line training and on-line readings.

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