Colour is everywhere, we see it, we eat it, we wear it and we even breathe it but do we know how to harness its powerful vibration to support us in our daily lives?

At the Colour Ministry, we offer practical and technical information to help you to get to know the psychological and healing effects of how to introduce colour into our everyday world.

We combine the ancient wisdom of Colour Therapy along with modern day technological developments in this field, to create a unique range of treatments, workshops and certified courses.  Our centre in West Sussex, offers a safe and healing environment for treatments and training but we also offer on-line training.  Visit our blog site for plenty of information on how light and colour can be of benefit to you.

We offer colour readings where we look at your personal colours and how you interact with your significant other.  You can also look at your family colours, where colours are compatible and where others can be a little more challenging.

Why not visit our colour personalities blog page for insight into celebrity couple colours along with their personal connections to each other.  Are Harry and Megan compatible?  Take a peak at the celebrity family connections, why some get on and others may find it a little more challenging.


Colour Evening

Get to know your Colour Personality and how colour can support your health and wellbeing

27th June 2018
6.30pm to 8.30pm

10% Discount

Available on Individual, Couple and Family readings also including our new Personal Year Colour reading throughout June and July 18

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Colour Ministry Training

Interested in learning more?  We have a range of attended courses at our Training Rooms in Worthing, West Sussex

Colour Experience Day

Colour Personalities Course

Diploma Course

Orgasmic Orange – The Colour of 2018

Famous Celebrities and Royal’s Personalities gives us an alternative view of couples, families and individuals through the eyes of colour.

Our latest blogs are available along with our Corporate section for branding and marketing colour through to colour and light in the working environment

NEW Training Dates

New training dates are available for our Diploma Course starting June 18

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