Colour is everywhere, we see it, we eat it, we wear it and we even breathe it but do we know how to harness its powerful vibration to support us in our daily lives?

At the Colour Ministry, we offer practical and technical information to help you to get to know the psychological and healing effects of how to introduce colour into our everyday world.

The Colour of 2019 – Yummy Yellow

2019 Desk Diary

Yellow, the colour of sunshine and happiness.  It activates the ‘solar plexus’ area of our body for digestion and connects with our mental abilities.  This year helps us to:

Retain Knowledge
Process Information
Heal Digestive Issues
Inner Child Activation

Get to know more with our Desk Calendar and be reminded throughout the year how colour can work for you!

Colour Training – 2018 and 2019 Dates

Colour Experience Day

Colour Personalities Course

Diploma Course

Orgasmic Orange – The Colour of 2018

Famous Celebrities and Royal’s Personalities gives us an alternative view of couples, families and individuals through the eyes of colour.

Our latest blogs are available along with our Corporate section for branding and marketing colour through to colour and light in the working environment

NEW Training Dates

New training dates are available for our Diploma Course starting February 19

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