Do you ever question yourself about why you act and do the things you do?

Have you ever wondered why you connect to some people and not others?

When stresses in our lives increase and we find it hard to function, we can liberate ourselves by knowing our Colour Personality.  Colour is a universal language where individual colour traits are a fantastic way of explaining and understanding our motivations and behaviours.  Our Core Personality colour may differ from our friends, family, partners and colleagues.   The challenge may be colour related if you are opposites.  What’s your colour?

My Personality Colour

We combine ancient therapies of numerology and colour together, to create a unique way of helping you to discover the real you.   By calculating your date of birth we give you your core personality colour (free above).  By purchasing a full reading,  we discuss your core personality colour (most dominant traits) and then interpreting and consciously applying the qualities of the day, month and year colour for deeper guidance on how to become the best version of yourself.

Booking Readings

Readings are given face to face and we use Skype, Facetime or Zoom or you can come and visit us in Worthing, West Sussex