My Personality Colour

Colour Personalities

We are always fascinated about what makes us tick.  We read self help books and look for deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here.  We like to get to know ourselves and we also like to know how our significant others relate to us.

At the Colour Ministry we use a technique that combines the ancient therapies of numerology and colour.  Our 9 colour system relates very well to numerology.  Each of the numbers relates to a colour.  When we add up our date of birth and divide it down to a single digit, this gives us our core personality colour.  These colours can be a useful tool to help us to understand who we are and why we might react to challenges and opportunities in certain ways .

Our day, month and year of birth also give us more valuable and ‘in-depth’ information about how we reacted when we were young and what impact that might have had on our life journey.  Our month looks at our skills that are an innate part of us.  The year relates to what we are learning this journey.

When stresses in our lives increase and we find it hard to function, we can liberate ourselves by knowing our colour type, we can use clear directions of how to reach our potential and this is the key to a balanced life.

A full reading allowing you to understand using the language of colour your own personal colours, those of our partners or families can support the following:

  • Understanding yourself and your behaviours helping to reduce stress and create healthy patterns
  • Support your own personal growth and focus in either work, home or love relationships
  • Build a stronger relationship with your partner by creating environments with colour that support your connection
  • Alleviate family tensions by creating positive personal relationships by getting to know each person’s colour qualities
  • Support and consider your children’s development and growth
  • Attract abundance, love and happiness into your world by the use of complimentary colours

Readings are either one to one, by Skype, Facetime or telephone and start at 30 minutes for a personal reading through to one and a half hours for a family reading.  You may also like a written reading which can be given as a gift or just for your own information.  To book a reading please either call us on 01903 891492 or e-mail us at

You can buy our ‘Know your Colour Personality’ book on-line or get one free when you book a reading.