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Welcome to our Blog Page where we have various types of blogs and articles.  We will endeavour to keep these as up-to-date as possible – do come back and check for new information.


Colour for Health & Wellbeing

Articles and information on how colour affects us from a health and wellbeing perspective.  The articles include how Colour Therapy has adapted over the centuries, what is new with colour – we are lead to believe it is the new ‘food’ of our time.  We also include articles on interiors and fashion and how these colours affect our environments and what we want to project about ourselves:

Green for Migraines

People who experience migraines that are made worse by light might be better off seeing the world in green. While white, blue, red and amber light all increase migraine pain, low-intensity green light seems to reduce it. The team behind the finding hope that specially...

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Using Colour in the Winter

As we move into the Winter season, the weather will become cooler and we will find that we become more susceptible to colds and flu.  Did you know that colour can help you to increase your ability to make more Vitamin C and allow your immune system to flight off...

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Light and Depression

There is a great deal of information on SAD around the web and many studies have been made with the link of lack of sunlight and mental, physical and emotional conditions.  We do know that lack of light affects the spiritual conditions in each of us as we are a source...

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Famous Colour Personalities

From individuals through to families and groups here are a wide range of colour personalities of people we see on TV, in the Political arena and also Royalty.   We discuss how they interact or relate based on all their colour personalities.  We don’t know them personally but it is fascinating how colour can describe their traits both positive and challenging:

Victoria Wood – Aspiring Gold

Victoria's personality colour was Indigo (6), born on 19th May 1953.  This colour is so deep and rich (a royal blue), we can see that she used this in her writing by creating a plethora of personalities which the diversity of individuals that exist in the...

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David Bowie’s Colourful Journey

Magenta, Red, Yellow with a Soul Yellow Personality David came into the world with a wonderful Yellow Soul (3) bringing light and combining it with intelligence.  This made him the amazing individual that he was while here on planet earth. Yellow connects with the...

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Strictly Come Dancing Couples

Here are the colour personality readings from the Strictly Come Dancing Couples of 2017.  The blog gives information on the personality colours and also their relationships with the professionals by using colour as the medium.  Fun and revealing they give information about their dance abilities and connection to each other.

Ashton and Jeanette

Couples Colour Personalities on Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Ashton = Green, Orange, Magenta = Soul Colour = Blue Jeanette = Purple, Orange, Yellow = Soul Colour = Yellow Lovely sensitive Ashton uses his Blue colour mainly for singing and this musicality will help him...

Susan and Kevin

Couples Colour Personalities on Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Susan = Indigo, Orange, Yellow = Soul Colour = Orange Kevin = Green, Red, Orange = Soul Colour = Purple Susan is a fun Orange, which comes out in her sense of humour.  This colour also rules dance, so she will...

Mollie and AJ

Couples Colour Personalities on Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Mollie = Green, Indigo, Purple = Soul Colour = Magenta AJ = Blue, Orange, Blue = Soul Colour = Yellow Mollie is an effervescent Magenta with plenty of energy and happy to use this for dancing.  Magenta is the...