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Welcome to our Blog Page where we have various types of blogs and articles.  We will endeavour to keep these as up-to-date as possible – do come back and check for new information.


Colour for Health & Wellbeing

Articles and information on how colour affects us from a health and wellbeing perspective.  The articles include how Colour Therapy has adapted over the centuries, what is new with colour – we are lead to believe it is the new ‘food’ of our time.  We also include articles on interiors and fashion and how these colours affect our environments and what we want to project about ourselves:

Why Gold?

Glorious Gold Gold is defined as a precious metal with the symbol value Au and is yellow in colour.  The oxford dictionary defines it as, 'Something considered to be precious, beautiful, or of the most superior quality'. Gold is not an actual primary colour that our...

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The Wonders of Orange

We are all trying to drag ourselves out of the mind set of that long and literally grey month of January and push forward in to February with renewed hope and enthusiasm.  So, if you are one of the many feeling the effects of seasonal affective disorder or situational...

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Green for Migraines

People who experience migraines that are made worse by light might be better off seeing the world in green. While white, blue, red and amber light all increase migraine pain, low-intensity green light seems to reduce it. The team behind the...

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Famous Colour Personalities

From individuals through to families and groups here are a wide range of colour personalities of people we see on TV, in the Political arena and also Royalty.   We discuss how they interact or relate based on all their colour personalities.  We don’t know them personally but it is fascinating how colour can describe their traits both positive and challenging:

Eugiene & Jack

Another Royal wedding during 2018 so plenty to celebrate.  Jack and Eugenie have been together for many years now and their colours are interesting together. Jack Brooksbank date of birth is the 3rd May 1986 which makes him a Blue, a cooler colour making...

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Harry & Megan – Colour Compatibility

Colours Prince Harry's Colours - Indigo, Gold, Green with a Soul Colour of Red Meghan's Colours - Green, Magenta, Red with a Soul Colour of Green Harry was right when he said that he know that Meghan was 'the one' when they first met, they are definitely...

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PR and Press Releases

Here are the articles from magazines and on-line forums that have been used by the Press for varying different projects.  From ‘Blue Monday’ to technical articles you will find all about colour here.  For press enquiries please mail for more information.

Blue Monday

Blue Monday gives the hue a bad name! Colour therapists say it actually 'soothes the mind', so from Santorini to Capri, these are the richly azure places that should lift your mood Today marks ‘Blue Monday’, which is supposedly the year's most depressing...

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