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Welcome to our Blog Page where we have various types of blogs and articles.  We will endeavour to keep these as up-to-date as possible – do come back and check for new information.


Colour for Health & Wellbeing

Articles and information on how colour affects us from a health and wellbeing perspective.  The articles include how Colour Therapy has adapted over the centuries, what is new with colour – we are lead to believe it is the new ‘food’ of our time.  We also include articles on interiors and fashion and how these colours affect our environments and what we want to project about ourselves:

5 facts about Orange

Here are 5 facts about the colour orange: Orange was a symbol of glory and fruits of the earth in early Christian church and was also known as the wisdom ray. Nobility were the only ones during the Elizabethan Era who could wear orange The Orange vehicle...

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Red – how the colour red affects us

You pull that trusty red dress from your closet and you feel sexy. Silly? Or science? More and more, it's beginning to sound like science. Here are four areas of research on the hue that could impact your daily life. You pull that trusty red dress from...

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Gold for Healing?

The colour Gold is associated with the sun, its warmth and worth.  It stands for vitality and inspiration.  In many old cultures Gold was the most precious colour that represented sun gods and the highest points of spiritual development. It increases...

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Famous Colour Personalities

From individuals through to families and groups here are a wide range of colour personalities of people we see on TV, in the Political arena and also Royalty.   We discuss how they interact or relate based on all their colour personalities.  We don’t know them personally but it is fascinating how colour can describe their traits both positive and challenging:

Stephen Hawking off to the stars

Stephen Hawking - 8th January 1942 to 14/3/2018 Stephen's ever brilliant light shone for 76 years instead of the predicted 24 writing a selection of books, articles and thesis's on science and the universe. His soul Purple allowed him to be inspired and...

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Home to Knotty Ash Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd - 8th November 1927 to 11/3/2018 At such a ripe old age of 90 and in his own personal Gold year we say goodbye to Ken Dodd. Ken was a Soul Colour Orange which was fairly predictable as his humour was his world.  Unconventional and very zany like...

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Eugiene & Jack

Another Royal wedding during 2018 so plenty to celebrate.  Jack and Eugenie have been together for many years now and their colours are interesting together. Jack Brooksbank date of birth is the 3rd May 1986 which makes him a Blue, a cooler colour making...

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PR and Press Releases

Here are the articles from magazines and on-line forums that have been used by the Press for varying different projects.  From ‘Blue Monday’ to technical articles you will find all about colour here.  For press enquiries please mail for more information.

Clerkenwell with Haworths and Cappellini

Clerkenwell Design Week, Colour Workshops - May 2018 I was asked by Jackie at Haworth and Cappellini to come and run workshops for the day during Clerkenwell Design Week.  They are based in St John's Street, at the centre of the action and their showroom...

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Blue Monday

Blue Monday gives the hue a bad name! Colour therapists say it actually 'soothes the mind', so from Santorini to Capri, these are the richly azure places that should lift your mood Today marks ‘Blue Monday’, which is supposedly the year's most depressing...

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