Another Royal wedding during 2018 so plenty to celebrate.  Jack and Eugenie have been together for many years now and their colours are interesting together.

Jack Brooksbank date of birth is the 3rd May 1986 which makes him a Blue, a cooler colour making him able to keep calm in a crisis and also he puts a great deal of emphasis on truth and integrity.  Eugenie was born on the 23rd March 1990, she is a Gold, someone who likes to make sure people are looked after.  This combination of colours works extremely well together as they are both natural healers and the cool of blue helps the gold to detach when things get a little stressful.

Jack came in with Yellow as a child so he is bright and has a fun side which allows him to communicate well with all sorts of people whether senior or general workers.  Eugenie comes in as a Blue, so she matches Jacks main colour very well.  Eugenie has Yellow as her skills colour whereas Jack has Blue as his colour for his skills.  This means that in their everyday life they are very compatible and will see things from each others point of view.

Eugenie though is learning Red, she needs to keep her independence and as time goes on she will find new and interesting ways to find what drives her.  She will also be excited about having children and the Red will give her plenty of energy to have more than 1 child – expect quite a few!

Jack is learning about being an Indigo.  He will create the security that Eugenie needs and provide a good structure for all the family.  Indigo also means that his intuitive abilities will be enhanced giving him feelings of a ‘six sense’ great for the connection with the Gold.

Their colours are compatible.  They have their differences which they can both honour but they connect with their skills and inner child.  Plenty of play and fun will keep them together.  They may not be ‘soul mates’ but the Gold and Blue are gentle with each other, loving and kind.  We wish them the best.