Prince Harry’s ColoursIndigo, Gold, Green with a Soul Colour of Red
Meghan’s Colours –
Green, Magenta, Red with a Soul Colour of Green

Harry was right when he said that he know that Meghan was ‘the one’ when they first met, they are definitely Soul Mates. 

Harry’s wonderful colours make him a very interesting character.  He came in with the vibration of Indigo, an old soul who has innate wisdom which is inherited from many of his past journeys.  He is intuitive from a very early age and although seen as a ‘bit of a lad’ he has a great sense of duty and justice is of great importance to him.  His skills are Gold, to be of service to all those that require his support.  His gentleness and understanding of people helps him to deal with all sorts of people and is ruled by this colour.  He is learning about the colour Green which is the colour of love.  He wants to create community, not just in the work he does but within his family unit.  He is aspiring to learn how to be balanced and bring harmony into his life.  Red is his soul colour making him a ‘doer’.  He needs to be busy and loves to be challenged.  He is passionate and driven and when focused will give his all to whatever it is that he is focused on.  Red is grounding and helps to overcome challenges so whatever he may face he will plenty of courage and drive to succeed.

Meghan is all heart, she came in with the vibration of Green giving love and harmony whether she goes.  She enjoys her home and once she has created her space she will enjoy having the family around her.  Her skills are Magenta, a great negotiator and balancer.  She loves to be seen so working on her charities will really suit her along with the opportunity to travel and see the world.  She has great taste and exudes compassion which, when balanced is greatly supported by this colour.  She also has the ability to deal with being part of the Royal family and will join when needed but also know when to stand back and let others take charge.  She is learning Red, how to put herself first and with this connection, I am sure she will get many opportunities.  Her soul colour is Green – her heart will be in everything she does and will be a fully committed member of the family.  The UK will support her soul as there is plenty of Green in the UK.  


These two are very compatible both have Green in their chart, making it a Heart connection.  There is a deep love here especially as their Soul Lines follow from the Red to the Green and visa versa.  Plenty of passion, a physical connection along with a heart connection, wow a very powerful influence on each other.  Megan has the Magenta which she can use to help her negotiate her way around the Royal family structures and processes.  She is no pushover which keeps Harry on his toes which he will love – never a boring moment with these two.  We can expect a great deal of charitable adventures and instigators of change within the Royal Family.