Ken Dodd – 8th November 1927 to 11/3/2018

At such a ripe old age of 90 and in his own personal Gold year we say goodbye to Ken Dodd.

Ken was a Soul Colour Orange which was fairly predictable as his humour was his world.  Unconventional and very zany like most oranges he did not want to conform.  Even his hair style portrayed the essence of this colour being somewhat creative and different.  Orange rules freedom and it took him to 90 to get married and tie himself down.

Born a Magenta, his showmanship surfaced in his early years.  Magenta’s love to be seen either on the stage, screen or by the public.  He was already grown up and older than his years as Magenta also rules the 8th Chakra which connects outside the body and allows a higher viewpoint of life’s complex cause and affects.

His skills are also Orange, allowing him to use his humour on a day-to-day basis.  He was extremely creative and expressive with his physical being as well as his emotions.  On stage you could feel all of his emotions from tears of laughter to tears of pain.

He aspired to be a Red, independent, focused and driven.  I think he achieved this beyond doubt.  He was bought up in Liverpool and died in the same property as his family have always lived.  Red rules security and this could have been why this was home to him for all of life.  This colour also tends to mean that individuals tend to lead a long life as they wish to be earthed for as long as possible.