Magical Magenta

Magenta is defined as purple mixed with red and is a fairly new colour which came about in the 1890’s when it was used in the print sector.  In optics, fuchsia and magenta are essentially the same colour. The web colours fuchsia and magenta are completely identical, and are made by mixing exactly the same proportions of blue and red light.

In design and printing, there is a little more variation. The French version of fuchsia in the RGB colour model and in printing contains a higher proportion of red than the American version of fuchsia. Fuchsia flowers themselves, which inspired both colours, have a variety of colours, from fuchsia to purple to red and pink.

The eye sees magenta as part blue using the cones that receive the blue light in our eyes and part from the red.  The brain then mixes these together and we end up with the colour magenta.  These two colours gives us the feeling of negotiation which this colour is associated with – the red being fiery and direct and the blue being cooler and healing.  It is also related to the 8th Chakra which holds all our records of our past, present and future.  A colour which is transformational, fearless and beautifully creative.