Stephen Hawking – 8th January 1942 to 14/3/2018

Stephen’s ever brilliant light shone for 76 years instead of the predicted 24 writing a selection of books, articles and thesis’s on science and the universe.

His soul Purple allowed him to be inspired and adapt information that was outside of our mortal understanding of how the universe works and ‘the theory of everything’.  Purple activates the crown chakra implying that some of this information may have been out of this world and although he was not a fan of the metaphysical he definitely received messages from a different source.

His childhood colour of Magenta meant from a young age that he had the ability to be transformational.  Whether this was transforming himself or others, this colour seems really relevant to his life’s purpose.  It also contains the records of our soul as it activates the 8th Chakra and here he excelled himself.

His middle colour of Red, which are his skills, meant he had the will to survive against all odds.  The Red energy also affected him physically but added to his drive and ambition at an emotional level.

Aspiring Purple, he was learning that there is an energetic connection within all of us and he needed to translate this information via the medium of books and talks.  Even through his disabilities, the charisma of Purple could be seen, even to the extent of having a film made about him.