Blue Monday gives the hue a bad name! Colour therapists say it actually ‘soothes the mind’, so from Santorini to Capri, these are the richly azure places that should lift your mood

  • Today marks ‘Blue Monday’, which is supposedly the year’s most depressing day for people across the UK
  • But a ‘colour therapist’ argues that the term is misleading because the hue is one of the world’s most uplifting 
  • In fact, she says visiting places rich in colour can help with everything from de-stressing to fighting infection

They say what goes up, must come down. So it’s understandable that December’s festivities are followed by a natural, but completely unwelcome, slump.

And, according to experts, the slump ‘peaks’ each year today, on January 15, in a phenomenon known as ‘Blue Monday’.

Dubbed the most depressing day of the calendar, it’s supposedly when all the bitter realities of life collide into one truly miserable 24-hour period. 

But others believe the playful term is misguided, especially when considering the supposed benefits of the hue, include everything from de-stressing to fighting infection. 

In fact, colour therapist Alison Standish claims it ‘calms and soothes the mind, body and spirit’.  Download the PDF

With this in mind, Celebrity Cruises has listed the world’s best locations for people to benefit from the shade –  everywhere from Iceland to Italy, with not a sad face in sight.

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